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Games in Development

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Raps 3.PNG


Based on the characters of the animated book Rapulani! It is about a young girl, Rapulani, who must endure many great obstacles and a gauntlet of an adventure to save her best friend Rayleigh who is locked in a “tower” which is actually a hair salon where her mom is forcing her to get microbraids for her long, long hair.


Banana Republic

A Mass Effect style RPG with the absurd humour of South African Politics and action game of Avengers movie Style. The game is set during the Pandemic caused by an unknown force immediately after new President was elected. As our unlikely, elderly hero, you must battle the Infected loyal card-carrying members and grotesque monsters by finding ancient

weapons, levelling up your character, venturing too far off lands (using special “Zulu muthi” or “prayer”), and seeking answers to the ultimate riddle - “Who am I and why are only card caring members infected?”

concept art.jpg

The Traveller

The Traveller is a 2D action platformer where you play as Fro-9, an avatar created by the protagonist Rethabile “Retro” Robong.

Explore sixteen diverse and realised worlds, fight various enemies and formidable bosses on your quest to become the number one ranked player in the game’s world. The Traveller features monochromatic comic-like art with comic style panels and onomatopoeic effects used during both combat and exploration making players feel like they are playing through a graphic novel.

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